This smart and funny new mystery turns the tables on fiction stereotypes.   A quirky corporate CEO and his summer intern Susan Hunter must save their startup company named BMOC from the ravages of tort lawyers, a corrupt Congress, and an out-of-control media while solving the murder of an innocent young girl in LA.


Here's what "they" are saying about BMOC, the most recent novel by Warren Meyer:

"Who is this guy?  You're not allowed to portray lawyers in novels as anything but dedicated warriors for the common good.  In the words we teach all of our clients when they are suing for millions over spilled coffee, 'it is not about the money.'  We hate this book, and if you read it, we will sue you."   

                     -- America's tort lawyers


"This Meyer person obviously never read the instruction manual for writing novels.   Journalists are supposed to be brave and honest, while corporations are supposed to be evil and rapacious, not the other way around.  "

                     -- Other modern novel writers


"Its not that bad here."

                     -- The Harvard University administration


"I was kind of proud that Warren wrote a novel, but then I read it and saw the dirty stuff and all the bad words.  Now I am really embarrassed."

                     -- Warren's mom


"We are shocked that anyone would imply that our efforts to regulate industry are aimed more at helping favored political supporters than championing the common man."

                     -- Congress


"This is what you were doing at the office instead of driving the kids to soccer?  Writing a novel? I thought you were doing work!"

                     -- Warren's wife


"Warren was never my student.  I swear.  Don't even think about blaming this on me."

                     -- Warren's high school English teacher


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Note to readers:  I am seeking a publisher for BMOC.  You may buy a self-published version from at the link below.  Since the book is still pre-publication, comments are greatly appreciated to Coyote -at- CoyoteBlog +dot+ com.

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Warren Meyer is a small business owner and author of Coyote Blog, an online journal of political and business commentary. Warren has an engineering degree from Princeton and an MBA from the Harvard Business School, neither of which were very useful in writing this book.


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